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Barcelona Blogger Dinner

Please Join us Barcelona's Blogger dinner



Hello, I would like to see if the Barcelona blogger community is open to another dinner/event in December.

I am a Canadian living in California pursuing his MBA. I have two blogs. One for my family and MBA experiences (speirsfamily.blogspot.com) and another about my thoughts on running a technology company (mytechnologycompany.com). I also do another on another passion, indie rock and pop music (sonicoutpost.com).h

Anyways enough about me, my wife and I will be  making our first visit to Barcelona from December 14-23. I would love to meet Barcelonians (I hope that is the term) who share some of my blogging interests. I am an avid reader of Jermiah Owyang's blog and saw the dinner and wanted to see if the community is going to make it a monthly tradition. We rented an apartment close to Les Ramblas in Barri Gotique, so we can easily make anything in the core, but we are willing to hit the metro to meet up with some locals.

If there is interest please post.


Trevor Speirs



What a pity, Trevor!! I have just read your post, 4 weeks later.  We'd love to meet you next time in Barcelona. My husband is from Barcelona and MBA, I´m from Madrid. How was your week in Barcelona? Contact us next time you come. Mar and Gabi.



Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester is in Barcelona for the Forrester Consumer Forum, (although this is not an 'official' Forrester event) and wants to meet many of Spain's social media community, Community Princess Maria Sipka has taken it upon herself to organize the event. Previous community blues guitar events include: Boston (over 100), Hong Kong (about 100), Singapore, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco.


Why attend? Meet those who you've been reading and interacting with online face-to-face. Bond, network, grow.



Attending the Forrester Consumer Forum? Meet in the lobby at 20:30 and we can share a cab


Great meeting all of you, don't forget the tag to the event is BarcelonabloggerNov07

or link to this page:




Venue Information

  • When: Thursday, Nov 15th
  • Time: 21:00
  • Where: Buda Bar
    • C/ Pau Claris 92

08010 Barcelona

934 123 838

  • What to bring: cameras, video camearas, and podcast gear.
  • Food and Drinks: You'll be responsible for paying your own fare, this is not a sponsored event
  • Tags for the event: BarcelonabloggerNov07



Sign Up (password is blogger)

Include URL to your blog, if you have one. so far it looks likes its about 23 (real people)

  1. Maria Spika
  2. Jeremiah Owyang
  3. Carlos Blanco
  4. Marc Canter - spiratulally, virtually and socially (just not physically) :-) In an OpenSocial kind of way.
  5. Peter Kim
  6. Elfried Klarenbeek
  7. Bart Termorshuizen
  8. Gary Stewart
  9. Henri Varlet
  10. Ramon Sangüesa
  11. Lennert de Rijk
  12. Toni Mascaró
  13. Jan-Willem van Beek
  14. Bas van Bokhorst
  15. Evert Jan Koning
  16. Alberto Domínguez
  17. GW Williams - guitar
  18. Tomy Pelluz
  19. Haripako aka Francisco Vargas
  20. Christian Van Der Henst S.
  21. Francesc Pla (RailsLab)
  22. JC Duarte; Charminguy.com & Strategy in a Day
  23. Victor Aloi
  24. Caroline Maerten(RollingTalks)
  25. Simon McDermott (Attentio)
  26. Sergio Gago
  27. Daniela Arens
  28. Alex Maneu
  29. Gregor Gimmy
  30. Helena Galvez
  31. Ollivier Jacq
  32. Diego Mariño


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